~ An Hour With You~

Rising in the morning,
Out before the sun,
Have to get started,
Much work's to be done.

Animals to feed and water,
Eggs to gather; chicks to feed,
Cotton sure does needs to be hoed,
I must clear out the growing weeds.

Corn needs to be shelled,
Peanuts waiting for me to plow,
Lord the day is moving fast,
Can't afford to slack my pace now.

The garden is green and ready,
Vegetables just right to gather,
Peas and beans matured quickly,
God blessed us with good weather.

The old tractor sits in the shade,
Beneath a canopy of trees,
Gave good service in its time,
Now idle in the summer breeze.

The cows are lowing loudly,
Pigs squealing, calling for swill,
Milking still to be done this morn,
Many chores yet I must fulfill.

The sun is getting higher,
Sending shadows along the way,
I feel the heat from the rays building,
Sure going to be a hot one today.

Breakfast smells waft across the yard,
Bacon frying makes my stomach growl,
The ole flop-eared hound dog gets a whiff,
He moseys homeward; he's on the prowl.

Lord, I thank You for this great day,
The crops growing in the fields,
The food You so lovingly provide,
Good weather for greater yields.

I thank you Lord Jesus for being there,
For always giving a helping hand,
For guidance and stamina needed,
As I continue living off the land.

Gayle Davisİ
02 July 2006



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Sequenced By: Ron Tilden
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