~ An Hour With You~


Little Children

I lie awake at night,
When sleep just will not come,
I think of those who starve and hurt,
And what if they were mine.

I even feel a heart of guilt,
When I sit down to eat,
Just to think of all the children,
That have no food or place to sleep.

Barefoot children, hungry and afraid,
Their families are all gone,
Not knowing what tomorrow brings,
For they have no place called home.

Little children run in the streets,
With guns and weapons in their hands.
Terrible things in foreign countries,
Far too much to understand.

I don't understand all these terrible things,
But then it's not my place.
But I will understand someday,
When I meet the Lord face to face.

I'll ask Him all these things,
When before Him I will stand.
When I'm home with God,
And we're walking hand in hand.

Worry not about tomorrow,
For it won't change a thing,
Just concentrate on God,
And all the blessings that He brings.

Faye Reyenga
9 / 28 / 2003


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Artwork:  Meditation, 1885
by William-Adolph Bouguereau

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  Courtesy of:
Dynamic Drive

Music: "God Grant Us Peace"
By: Bruce Deboer
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Used with permission.
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