~ An Hour With You~

Jesus Is Waiting

Jesus is waiting near the gate,
Waiting for you and me don't be late,
How He longs to hold us so tight with Him,
He will say, "Come in my Child," Come in.

I've been waiting so long for you,
I have so much here for you to do,
You've toiled hard and kept the faith,
You have encouraged others not be late.

The table is spread for you my child,
Your mansion is ready and all prepared,
You can roam around enjoy your stay,
A thousand years with God, is but a day.

He walks by again and calls your name,
He says, Child won't you come unto me?
I'll take your care, your hurt and pain,
And restore it with my falling rain.

If you have a mountain you cannot climb,
Jesus is waiting, He is right on time,
He graciously out pours His love to you,
He is waiting, He will see you through.

©Bernice Ward 2006

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Song Title: "We Shall Behold Him"
Free Midis
Words and music by: Dottie Rambo
Musician: Janis Wilson
Arrangement: Janis Wilson
Musician: Janis Wilson
Used With Permission