~ An Hour With You~

If Only I Could

If only I could put a stop,
To all the suffering and the death,
Brought on by wars and hate,
That brings so many, their last breath.

If only we could love one another,
And love could over rule,
The hate and cruelty in this world,
And all of Satan’s terrible tools.

There would be no more Bin Ladens,
Or prisoners there confined.
There would only be a world of peace,
All hate we’d leave behind.

But Jesus said in His word,
All this must come to pass,
But some day soon I do believe,
It all will end at last.

For Jesus said in His word,
There shall be wars and rumors of wars,
And earthquakes in divers places,
But soon He’ll come again,
And we’ll be past these tribulations.

There will be no need to worry,
Of terrorist, crossing borders.
No killing of innocent people,
For God will give the orders.

It will be worth it all,
When God’s children all get home,
For this land is only temporary,
And this land will all be gone.

Just trust and serve Him,
The benefits are great,
We’ll all have peace at last,
When we enter heaven’s gates.

Faye Reyenga ©
7 / 22 / 2006



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