~ An Hour With You~


If I lost you it would be like a flower that faded away
Like a river that has run dry
Like a forest with no trees
Like a dark sky with no stars
Like a tree that has no leaves

Like the grass that has turn brown
Without your love my world would be upside down
I cross my fingers and wish on stars upon high
That you will never leave me and never say good-bye
And I hope you will always be by my side

And when we 're apart,
Just remember it won't be long until we are in each others arms
And when times get hard just stop and think
That our love is strong enough to help us along
And always remember two people in love
Can make it together through life's trouble storms

If I should lose you tomorrow which I pray I don't
I'll always cherish my memories with you
For they are there to stay within my heart
Loving you more than you will ever know
From your loving wife since 1992.

Claudia Austin©





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Music: "Only You"

Performed By Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission
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