~An Hour With You~

I Trust in Him,
Grandma, did you hear,
I'm reading the Bible,
It tells how much He cares.

I trust in Him,
Echoes in the hall,
Sitting on your stool,
Your eyes tell it all.

You look up so intently,
Eyes dance as you speak,
Relating the story of Jesus,
How He healed the lame and weak.

I trust in Him, you repeat again,
Grandma I know it's true,
I remember how sick you were,
My Jesus sure healed you.

I trust in Him,
I asked when you were ill,
To touch my Grandma's body,
Jesus let this be Your will.

You got better Grandma,
You came home alright,
I was afraid you were going home,
You’d live with Jesus that night.

I trust in Him,
He will always be a part,
Of my life here on earth,
I love Him with all my heart.

I talk to Him a lot,
Grandma, you taught me how,
I am so glad He let you stay,
We really need you now.

Are you ready yet, Grandma?
You don't want us to be late,
It is time for Church to start,
We don't want to make Jesus wait.

I trust in Him so much,
Grandma He's always there for me,
If only others would open their hearts,
His great love they would see.

Oh you are ready now,
Come on Grandma let's go,
I can't wait to hear about Jesus,
I trust in Him you know.

Gayle Davis©
23 June 2006


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Music: "Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus"

Performed By Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission
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