~An Hour With You~

God’s surprises are sprinkled all ‘round,
Throughout His Beautiful Book,
All about God and life and great hope,
His love is the path to look.

For God is love and He gave His Son,
Out of love He gave Jesus,
The only way to God the Father,
His Beautiful Book tells us.

And inside these pages of Scriptures,
The meek inherit the Earth,
There are written more truths astounding,
His Beautiful Book gives birth.

Usually it’s when most things begin,
Like pray for your enemies,
And turn the other cheek then forgive,
His Beautiful Book too frees.

We are to love one another too,
And discover who we are,
We move through each chapter and verse as,
His Beautiful Book births far.

We let God’s words be life to our flesh,
And as we grasp and cling to,
We’re changed like unraveling seams by,
His Beautiful Book we view.

For you see God has plans of promise,
Fresh eyes to see, ears to hear,
The entire pathway for our life’s new,
His Beautiful Book’s so clear.

God’s surprises are sprinkled all ‘round,
Throughout His Beautiful Book,
They’re golden nuggets that quicken lives,
Partake of His love and look.

©Sondra McPherson
13 August 2006


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Tubes from Angel Keeper Designs
and Pixels By Judy
Image courtesy of Image Cafe

Music: "That's What Love Is For"

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