~ An Hour With You~

Iíd love to reach out for more heirlooms,
Upon this Earth while I wait,
Till the good Lord thus gathers me up,
To take me through Heavenís Gate.

These Iím speaking of are heavenly,
Fragrances and other things,
Of which are known as visitations,
To us as Godís heirs He brings,

Gentle aromas that beg for more,
Just breathing Jesusí Essence,
Roses reveal His wondrous beauty,
Oh awesome is His Presence.

Yes Iíve felt and perceived His nearness,
Knowing for certain Heís close,
Such as brushes of butterfly wings,
And a softly scented rose.

Too Iíve thought I heard His Beloved Voice,
Speaking my name through the air,
So I went after this precious call,
Just hoping that He was there.

Breathing Jesusí Essence beckons me,
Much like sweet gentle perfumes,
His beautiful majestic rose scents,
Yes are heavenly heirlooms.

Yet Iíve an inner knowledge if I,
Can ever make it to touch,
That which I feel and smell all Ďround me,
Nothing of this world deems much.

The Hand that made me I long to hold,
Yes I will have touched Godís Hand,
I will love to hold onto that which,
Comes near me Oh to feel grand.

At last to touch the Lord and Master,
One day it will be true too,
Until then I will smell His rose scent,
And wait His beckoning view.

©Sondra McPherson
17 August 2006

~*Inspired By LadyGayle*~




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