~ An Hour With You~

Happy Birthday, Little Sister

I have this special sweet sister
Missy is her little girl name
She was given to me by God
Cause we’re alike and the same

I know I’m not suppose to make this
But I know it is your special day
And God told Jeanne to write this
To brighten up her little sister's day

Then he wants to shower her with blessings
On his precious little Missy’s special birthday
For little girls need to be loved and pampered
And grown up ladies need the same

Now you know inside each grown up lady
Is a little child with a cute nickname
Lady Gayle is my sister's grown up name
With precious cute little Missy inside

Now on your special day, sweetheart
Have a blessed Happy Birthday
Hope your blessings last all year through
Always remember sis, I love you

Happy Birthday, God Bless You

©Donna Kramer
Aug 1, 2006


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Music: One Friend

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Permission Granted

Made With Love