~ An Hour With You~

"Every part of this earth is sacred to my people.
We are part of of the earth and it's part of us."
~Chief Seattle 1854 ~


Grandmother Moon

Soundless the darkness overtakes
and captures the light of day.
Within the magic of the night,
Grandmother Moon you cast your silvered glow.

You the keeper of the night.
What is it that you see Grandmother Moon as you shed,
your glow upon Mother Earth's face
on this night?

Do you see the fireflies as they dance?
How they twinkle and flicker within the darkness,
glowing like the stars in Father The Sky.
Do you see the churning waters?

How their ripples creep upon Mother Earth,
and tenderly caress her.
Do you see the lone wolf as he hauntingly mournfully cries?
For he has lost his one true soul mate,
of whom he cannot face tomorrow without.

Do you see the trees,
as they waltz with the north wind?
How gracefully they sway together,
and keep in perfect rhythm and time.

Do you see the fresh dew glistening like diamonds
as you cast your spell upon the prairie star?
Do you see the hungered owl silently in flight?
As he stocks his prey,
to ease the hunger that stirs within him.

Do you see the awe and wonder within me,
as you shine upon my face gazing upon you?
Do you....
Grandmother Moon?

ŠElizabeth Ann Bushey
June ~ 11 ~ 2006



Graphic courtesy of:
Winter's & Old's Native American Tubes

Music: "Mountain Dreamer"

Composed and Performed By Elan Michaels
Copyright By Elan Michaels
Please Go And Buy His Music

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