~ An Hour With You~


Absent From The Body, Is To Be Present
With The Lord.

Good Byes Are Not Forever

My heart searches for words to say,
But very little come my way,
For my heart is torn and very sad,
To think of the son that I once had.

Now you are gone forever from me,
Until the day of eternity,
When I will see you again once more,
To live forever on God's great shore.

You finally found your peace of mind,
Away from earth's great stress,
For now you are with Jesus,
And have reached eternal rest.

I loved you then I love you now,
My heart holds an empty place,
To think that I won’t see you again,
Or hug with a tender embrace.

Good byes are never easy to say,
And it's hard to let you go,
So I’ll carry you always in my heart,
While I live here on earth below.

And someday my darling precious son,
I know we will meet again,
In a place that’s known as heaven,
Where its beauty never ends.

Ann Hart©

For My Precious Son, Darren
Who Died July 28, 2006
But I Will Carry A Place In My Heart

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Music: "A Mother's Prayer "

Original music By: Mel Webb©
Used With Permission