~ An Hour With You~


Gone From My Sight

You have gone from my sight,
I am a hollow shell, left alone,
I will journey a lonely life onward,
Heart aching, speech is only a moan.

I hold the remnants of our life,
A lone rose given in dying love,
You've gone to a home in heaven,
To watch o'er me from up above.

In deep sadness I clutch this rose,
A symbol of your love for me,
It's all I have upon which to cling,
Your face and love, just a memory.

Oh if I could hold you instead,
Of a beautiful solitaire rose,
We could continue to build,
The life we happily chose.

I don't know how to proceed,
Without you close by my side,
In my heart you'll always be,
In sweet memory you'll reside.

A lifetime is too long to wait,
To again touch your face,
I long for you my darling,
Death has stolen love's embrace.

Gayle Davisİ
09 June 2006


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Music "If Heaven"

Originals By Frank DiGiovannangelo
Used With Permission