~ An Hour With You~

The golden trumpet sounds
Calling precious saints heaven bound
For their journey on earth is through
Doing work God asked them to do.

One by one we watched them go
As God gently touched them in their sleep
Calling them to a destiny that was theirs to keep
Leaving behind those who loved them so.

Faithfully they served their Lord for years
Never counting the cost in suffering and pain.
Our loss was heaven's gain
With joy for them and eternal life free from tears.

Those saints served long with constant love.
In time their strength began to wane and their steps to slow.
Still, they served letting their light shine
Pointing to their Lord divine.

Their walk on earth was faithful and bold
With gratitude for salvation that was free
And now they tread the streets of gold
Reunited with loved ones and praising God for eternity.

Soon the golden trumpet will sound
For each and everyone.
A choice has to be made...
Eternal life with the Father and the son
Or outcast into total darkness and utterly alone
With all hope gone.

These saints made the right choice to follow God
While traveling earthly sod.
They took the hand of God holding fast
And were transported to heaven at last
When they heard the golden trumpet's blast.

Jane Ward Smith

July 11, 2006

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Music: "Midnight Cry"

Sequenced by: David Larch
Used With Permission