~ An Hour With You~

 God's Challenges And God's Cures

God has a file of challenges
That he uses once in a while
The challenges start with teardrops
But at times may bring a smile

We wonder "why" he does this
An impossible task we say
But somehow strength is mustered
As the challenge is met each day

Let us find an example
Of a challenge he might send
Of lives with special problems
Problems he wants us to mend

Katrina lashing at our shores
Destruction as it feeds
Needs so different than normal
Looking for special deeds

Although the task is heavy
Heartbreaking with lots of tears
Extra strength is given
To calm the tremendous fears

You learn to live a different life
You live from day-to-day
You put your problems behind you
You live an unknown way

Only time will cure the ill
Looking for the ultimate end
Now we need that extra strength
That only the Lord can send

Mr. Doug©

Tubes by Ivy
Free scripts courtesy of

"Coming Storm" ©Danny Hahlbohm

Music: "Who Is Like Our God"
Words and Music By Pete Sanchez Jr.
Redsal's Midis
Sequenced By: Redsal
© Sal Grippaldi, Redsal
Musician, Composer, Digital Sequencer
Used With Permission
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