~ An Hour With You~


Like the Eagle my soul soars high and free,
So please do not weep and cry for me.
Gone way beyond Father Sky so high,
It is not for us to reason or question why.

Upon Earth Mother now my work is done,
The time for healing has now begun.
Listen for my whisper in the winds that blow,
My undying love like the rivers flow.

In Grandfather Sun you'll see my smile so bright,
No need to worry for I'll be alright.
There is so much beauty surrounding me,
And some day you too shall also see.

I'll be the rain that showers down on you,
And I'll be in the sunsets radiant golden hue.
I'll be the rustle in Autumn's colored leaves,
And my scent will linger in the fresh mountain breeze.

I'll be the songbird's song in the break of morn,
And in the eyes of innocence of a child newborn.
I'll be in the snowflakes.. untainted white,
Floating down whimsically your heart to delight.

There will be a time to mourn but that will pass,
And our sweet memories will forever last.
You won't have far.. to search for me,
For within your heart.. is where I'll always be.

With Grandmother Moon I'll help light the way,
And I will always hear as you silently pray.
I'll be the dazzling star twinkling so bright,
Shining down on you and bidding you goodnight.

A kiss upon your cheek ever so gently I will caress,
Soft as the down of angels wings as you reminisce.
No time for goodbye but you don't realize and see,
That The Creator has different plans for me.

I walk with Angels in The Heavens above,
Filled and bathed in such rich glorious love.
A love so pure and wonderful you would never believe,
A place so breathtaking that you could never perceive.

Everyday lustrous rainbows grace the sky,
As choirs of Angels sing comforting sweet lullabies.
My family I need you to be strong.. for each other,
And to always be there.. for one another.

So do not weep and cry for me,
For like the Eagle,
My soul soars high,

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
September ~ 22 ~ 2006©

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Music: "Rainbow"

Composed By: Matthew J. Drollinger
Copyright By: Matthew J. Drollinger
Used With Permission

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