~ An Hour With You~


  Many steps I followed,
Behind daddy in the field,
Barefoot in the fresh dirt,
Stepping on stubble revealed.

We had a pair of mules,
That daddy used to plow,
The rows were always straight,
In amazement I wondered how.

The hot sun beating down,
Scorching such young skin,
Mother made pretty bonnets,
But I would not wear even then.

Racing back to the house,
Drawn fresh water from the well,
Daddy always welcomed,
When he rested for a spell.

Sweat soaked his shirt,
Ran down from his face like rain,
Hat would be wet; with a white band,
The salt in the sweat left a stain.

I remember it oh so well,
It still holds a certain charm,
The early mornings and hard work,
When you grew up on the farm.

As I followed behind my daddy,
Placing my feet where his had trod,
Often I'd listen to him sing sweet songs,
Expressing his love for God.

He did not lead me wrong in youth,
I was taught values that hold today,
Instilled in me a love and devotion,
That will take me to heaven someday.

I use to follow daddy,
He supplied each need,
Today I follow Another,
For daddy planted the seed.

Gayle Davis
18 August 2006


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Music: "Visions of Times Gone By"

Original music By: Mel Webbİ
Used With Permission

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