~ An Hour With You~

Watching you boisterously romp,
And filled with wonder your eyes.
Catching iridescent bubbles floating,
Into the periwinkle blue sky.

Where life may lead you I ponder,
And what you someday may pursue.
I think hard and I contemplate,
Of all that I could wish for you.

I could wish for you riches,
Many so priceless and rare.
But would you live your life being pompous,
Without one single care.

I could wish you many friends,
But what good would that do.
Would you live your life being there for them,
Kind, faithful and true.

I could wish you courage,
To stand up for your right.
Would you live your life never forgetting,
Where you came from and never losing sight.

I could wish you all the happiness,
With laughter every day.
But would you live your life arrogant,
In gloom and dismay.

I could wish you rooms of money,
To buy anything you could want.
But would you live your life in greed,
Mockingly and flaunt.

I could wish you bravery,
So you could conquer the world.
Would you live your life to the fullest,
A sincere destiny to be unfurled.

I could wish you fame,
My little sweet young lad.
But would you live your life conceited,
All alone and sad.

I could wish you great wisdom,
For diseases to cure.
Would you live your life for the sick,
Their health to ensure.

I watch you so innocent,
The best I wish for you.
Teaching between right and wrong,
Is all that I can do.

So think well my precious child,
Of what you hope to be someday.
The right choices you make,
I will always hope and pray.

Always listen with your heart.
For your heart will never lie.
And before we know it little one,
You'll spread your wings,

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey





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Music: "Wonderful World"

Sequenced By: Dan West
Used With Permission

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