~ An Hour With You~

There is a place of quiet peace
Where I can go to rest.
Escape the trials that lay at my feet
And enjoy the view before sunset.

So many little hideaways to see
Beautiful flowers and smells,
Just waiting there every day for me
As life, in this special place dwells.

The running vines of roses sweet
All colors and varieties too.
Each day I carry my Bible to read
I usually stay until the evening dew.

I read about the beauty rare
And try to imagine how it can be,
Prettier than this how can it compare
What a paradise I will see.

Jesus tells me that I am His
And that He is mine,
Oh what a sweet fellowship this is.
He comforts me all the time.

The daily stress sometimes gets great
It burdens me down with care,
But He reassures me in His word
That He will always be there.

So in my quiet place I love to go
In the EVENING SHADOWS with Him,
He takes my hand and draws me close
To walk the path again and again.

Shirley Barr
October 12, 2004

Psalms 23:1
The Lord is my Shepherd I
shall not want...

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Art Leighton Edmund Blair

Bubbles Script by Kurt Grigg


Music: "Beneath The Willow"

Composed By: Matthew J. Drollinger
Copyright By: Matthew J. Drollinger
Used With Permission