~ An Hour With You~

Do you ever think of me,
And how much we cared,
Have you forgotten the love,
We so fervently shared?

Does the thought of me,
Ever cross your mind,
Can you look in the mirror,
Without my face defined?

How do you stop the memory,
Of a love so tightly woven,
Many years we were as one,
Fulfilling dreams thus chosen?

When the darkness falls,
Shrouding the closing day,
Do you ever think of me,
And a sweet love of yesterday?

Can you face the new sunrise,
Without recalling me by your side,
Brushing away thoughts of the past,
Lost by actions thus decried?

Is there appeasement of your heart,
Will the pains of love lost abate,
Do you wish of us as one again,
Where arms of love would sedate?

Can you face a new tomorrow,
Without thoughts of me and you,
I gave up fighting the memory,
It's engraved in a heart so blue.

Gayle Davisİ
28 June 2006

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Music: "Heart Sounds"

Midi and Performance
By Bonita Luciotti
Copyright By Bonita Luciotti
Used With Permission


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