~ An Hour With You~

I truly put my hopes in you,
I finally opened in part,
My heart for love I thought was real,
But I was wrong you had no heart.

Do you dream of me any time,
And when you go to call someone,
Do you ever think of me now,
As you did before days were done?

I'd never have believed you would,
Be the kind to lead me on strong,
Meeting you in Church that one night,
Still I should have discerned your song.

When it comes to heart you have none,
And how could you pretend to be,
Filled with spirit and joy and love,
Any time do you dream of me?

The dreams I have are sent by God,
Yet I was nearly led astray,
Your earthly pleasures that one night,
You tried your best to lure my way.

The love God sent to me did burst,
In a sweet place with the moon true,
Romantic with stars all around,
So do you dream of me with you?

My hopes were high and in my heart,
When this magic of love did call,
How I was wrong you had no love,
Neither was I for you at all.

But do you dream of me some nights,
Seeing my face being aware,
The love God sent you never kissed,
Will never love nor have to share?

©Sondra McPherson
17 September 2006


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Music: "Do You Dream Of Me"

Sequenced By: Michael W. Smith
Used By Permission From

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