~ An Hour With You~

I am just a little kid,
Not too smart just yet,
But you’re the greatest dad,
That I have ever met.

You hold my hand to stop my fall,
And tuck me in at night,
I can go to sleep peacefully,
‘Cause you make everything alright.

You chase monsters from under my bed,
And stay with me till I fall asleep,
And when the morning comes,
You playfully tickle my feet.

You’re just the greatest dad,
You and me have lots of fun,
It makes me feel so good inside,
‘Cause it warms me like the sun.

Yes, you’re a special daddy,
You always have time for me,
Even when you are so busy,
You look at what I want you to see.

I love you my goodest, bestest daddy,
You are so big and strong too,
And when I get to be a daddy,
I want to be just like you.

Gayle Davis
June 14, 2002 ©

Dedicated To My Sons

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Music: "But You Love Me Daddy"

Original MIDI Sequences
Of Various Styles
Sequenced By: Ron Tilden
Used With Permission

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