~ An Hour With You~

Button Doll

Button doll on a shelf,
All alone by herself.

Flowered dress, trimmed in lace,
Rosie cheeks upon her face.

Wooden head, hair of curls,
Such a lonely little girl.

Body's cloth, filled with sand,
Always sits, never stands.

On a shelf, by the door,
In an antique country store.

Everybody passes by,
Still her vacant eyes don't cry.

Sometimes life just isn't fair,
And nobody seems to care.

Then one day we pass by,
And the dolly caught his eye.

He said, This can never be!
Then he smiled and winked at me.

Its not good to be alone,
Why not take this dolly home?

So he gave her to me,
And she became a memory.

As did many things we shared,
Cherished times when someone cared.

Like ticket stubs, petals pressed,
Ribbons, cards, and all the rest

Of the many things that make
Losing love so hard to take.

But that was then, this is now,
And I often wonder how

I ended up all by myself
A button doll on a shelf.

No one calls, no one phones,
I'm by myself, all alone.

Sometimes life just isn't fair,
And nobody seems to care.

2006 by Dot McGinnis


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