~An Hour With You~


And so carefree.
With hopes and dreams,
Of what they would someday like to be.

In front of a mirror,
They may rehearse.
Wondering will they be a Singer,
A Dancer or a Nurse.

A Veterinarian or a Firefighter,
To fight flames ablaze.
Or a Dentist or a Minister,
To sing out God's praise.

A Photographer or a Pilot,
To fly a plane high.
A Scientist to find out,
All the reasons of" Why".

Maybe an Automobile Mechanic,
To fix Grandpa's old car.
A Doctor or Biologist,
Or perhaps a Rock Star.

A Painter or Police Officer,
To help fight crime.
A Land Surveyor, or Geologist,
With mountains to climb.

An Astronaut or a Teacher,
A Chef or Hairdresser.
An Architect, a Judge,
Or a Tax Assessor.

A Farmer, Cardiologist,
A Lawyer or Auctioneer.
A Pharmacist, Welder,
Or a Train Engineer.

Not paying attention or caring,
Sometimes it may seem.
When in reality their,
Busy just ..
Building Dreams

ŠElizabeth Ann Bushey
August ~ 12 ~ 2006Š

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Music: "Dreaming Of You"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission