~ An Hour With You~

Birthday Wishes, My Friend

Many friends, Iíve met through the years
Folks from many walks. . . Of life
Sharing good times, laughter and tears
Leaning on each other, in times of strife

All my friends have been special to me
Each one, has a place in my heart
Yet, never knew, a "Cyber Friend" could be
As close as the others, right from the start

It seemed, you and I, connected right away
Understanding one another, in way and thought
There for each other. . . Day after cyber day
Time spent conversing, adding up to, a lot

The more we talked, and things we shared
Made me realize, what a friend I had, in you
Someone who loves and someone who cares
Thoughtful and helpful. . .A friend so true

Your "Birthday" is such a special day
I send my love. . . Wishing you the best
With happiness brightening your way
Enjoying friends, family and the rest

I will be thinking of you, my friend
Wishing a "Birthday" thatís full of cheer
Praying that God will keep close and bless
My friend Gayle . . . whom I hold so dear!

Have a "Wonderful" day Gayle!

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright © 2006

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