~ An Hour With You~

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Grandfather Sun rises,
For the day starts anew.
Upon this morn Father Sky,
You are a soft shade of blue.

With wings Brother Eagle,
Out stretched broad and wide.
Peacefully and silently,
Over tranquil waters you glide.

From many suns and moons passed,
And for all time to come.
The prayer carrier and messenger,
You are, Sacred One.

A heavy burdened down load,
On your wing you carry with care.
The Creator has gifted you strength,
To uphold and to bear.

So majestically and regally,
With pride you fly.
So honorable and noble
Through Father The Sky.

On this day to The Creator,
Our prayers you do carry.
Sailing high over mountain tops,
And across the vast prairie.

I watch as you soar,
To a unimaginable height.
As you spiral upwards,
And disappear out of sight.

Such a superior creature,
So powerful and wise.
You Brother Eagle,
Are the.
Bird Of The Skies.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey


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Music: "Bear Claw"

Composed and Performed By Elan Michaels
Copyright By Elan Michaels
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