~ An Hour With You~


Hey little one,
What cha readin',
Educational stuff,
Recipes for feedin'?

I like your new chair,
But where's ya clothes,
Your shoes are gone too,
I see your tiny little toes,

What's that around your neck,
Kid you are just plain cute,
Dressed in what appears,
To be your birthday suit.

Your paper is all askew,
Airplanes and sailboats,
Seems they did not fly,
Nor do I think will float.

Oh you tickle me little one,
Your pretending big as can be.
I love you precious child,
You really do thrill me.

I'd love to know what goes on,
Inside that cute little head,
When you're up and playing,
Or sleepily lying in the bed.

Read on little tyke,
Ignore me if you will,
You still give me such a charge,
My heart you surely thrill.

Mommy's little earth angel,
Sweet as any sugar you'll find,
I thank the good Lord above,
For a child's love that binds.

Gayle Davis©
30 May 2006

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Photo courtesy of Big Stock Photo

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Music "Why, Because I Love You"

Originals By Frank DiGiovannangelo
Used With Permission