~ An Hour With You~

Autumn’s breezes blow tranquility,
Quietly colors of the wind,
Paint the exhilaration stirring,
Up all the excitement within.

I remember this feeling alive,
The feeling of everything new,
Just being with you one bright Autumn,
Walking all through the woods with you.

The leaves shone lucent in all colors,
Falling here and there touching us,
And we laughed with smiling eyes that beamed,
Our breathless hearts felt happiness.

Running arm in arm between the paths,
In the piles of leaves all around,
Lying down and rolling all through them,
We held close and felt love surround.

We were very young to be in love,
Everything was so beautiful,
Even just walking and holding hands,
All the sweet times and nature’s pull.

True I was in your heart long before,
I even knew you existed,
But then quietly you entered in,
My heart and young love persisted.

Just as the leaves turn red and yellow,
And fall through the air with beauty,
Two hearts fall in love because feelings,
Colorful were us you and me.

©Sondra McPherson
14 September 2006

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Music: "Colors Of The Wind"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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