~ An Hour With You~

Autumnís beginningís incredible,
The foliage is luxurious,
Then it seems leaves need a refreshing,
And nature colors beauteous.

Right around the corner is Autumn,
As the frosty breezes of night,
Blow colors of change repainting leaves,
Emblazoning beauty in sight.

October is the party of leaves,
Spreading sunshine like new carpets,
As weather seems to dance 'bout awhile,
Brightening leaves into sunsets.

Autumnís the time to watch the leaves turn,
As rusty orange leaves peek their heads,
In and out of the trees here and there,
While a parade flaunts fuchsia reds.

From one day to the next when I look,
I see the lushness of green trees,
Being clothed reds, yellows and oranges,
For showing off of Autumn leaves.

Every year Fall is unlike others,
That have already been before,
In time colors turn vibrant and bold,
Though lighter tints tend to glow more.

Nature puts on stunning color shows,
Right in your midst everything shines,
A walk in the forest of splendor,
Dazzles eyes in arrays of finds.

Beauty God touches off in whispers,
Casting all tinges as He breathes,
To perfect and adorn everywhere,
As cold temperatures sweep trees.

Autumnís beginning continues on,
As colors change from day to day,
The party of leaves in color crowns,
And Fallís unsurpassed in array.

©Sondra McPherson
20 September 2006


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Music: "A Walk In The Forest"

Original music By: Mel Webb©
Used With Permission