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Arms of Love
Arms of Love

The Creator has deemed me worthy,
For He has blessed me with you.
With spirit and heart of innocence,
And your love for me pure and true.

I will teach you of the Days of Old,
For it is entrusted to me.
To teach you of The Ancient Ones,
Who once lived peacefully and free.

How the buffalo roamed in numbers great,
Right here upon Earth Mother.
I will teach you of the Humbled Wolf,
Of whom we call our Brother.

For he is loyal and true,
And holds love for only one.
He hunts within the fall of night,
And through the forest he does run.

He is a protector a hunter and provider,
And his pack and family he feeds.
Responsibilities and obligations great,
He works hard to fill their needs.

Of The Creator I will also teach,
Who has created Grand-Father Sun.
And The Heavens and Earth Mother,
And we His Daughters and Son.

He also created Father Sky,
And the living Creatures great and small.
The four seasons of time he gives,
Winter, spring, summer and fall.

And The Spirit Beings of rocks and trees,
Grass of green and winter's snow.
And within the four directions
He has created the winds that blow.

I will teach you of Grand Mother Moon,
And everything else thereof.
Gently and tenderly I hold you close,
Within my...
Arms Of Love.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
August ~ 14 ~ 2006©

 Arms of Love

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