~ An Hour With You~

Standing o'er the hot stove,
Cooking to beat the band,
We have to take the heat,
'Cause we are WOMAN!

Busily washing dishes,
Getting soaking wet,
Another chore for WOMEN to do,
Goodness, we ain't done yet!

Hanging clothes on the line,
Praying for a bright shining sun,
Working hard to finish the loads,
A WOMAN'S work is it ever done!


Floors need to be cleaned,
Sweep then mop and scrub,
Down on my knees I go,
WOMAN clean that dried
up grub!

Clothes have dried on the line,
Pieces to fold and more to press,
Poor ole WOMAN working away,
There's just no time for her to rest!
Grocery shopping next in line,
Kids in tow; makes it lots of fun,
Bags loaded and carried home,
Poor WOMAN'S work is never done!

  This WOMAN has done it all today,
Meals cooked and clothes put away,
Dishes washed and back in place,
Shelves stocked but it won't stay!



  Can't get sick, or take a day's rest,
All WOMEN know is to work and work,
We aren't to stop and not sit around,
We are not privileged with leisure perks!


Iíve work all day and into the night,
If I don't slow down I will expire,
Each day it is to do all over again,
This WOMAN'S not allowed to retire!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gayle Davis©
17 June 2006




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Music: "Good Hearted Woman"

"Mostly Country"
Original MIDI Sequences
Used With Permission