~ An Hour With You~

I walked along the pathway,
Touched a flower in full bloom,
Deep inside my saddened heart,
I sensed a palliating to my gloom.
The flower turned into a hand,
Stretching forth in friendship's glow,
Giving needed assurance to me,
Along the path my life must go.

Loneliness will be there,
For a loss I have felt so deep,
But a friend now walks with me,
A loving hand dries tears I weep.

Silence when it is needed,
A shoulder a friend affords,
Strength given in solace,
A friend is a gifted reward.

Thank you for taking extra time,
For prayer when my faith is low,
I am blessed by your friendship,
Your love of God is an unceasing glow.

When my footsteps wearily falter,
My will to continue onward was gone,
I thank you my most precious friend,
You’ve put back the sunshine in my dawn.

With you walking beside me,
I will heal and again grow,
The strength and love of God,
From you to me constantly flow.

I thank God each new morning,
Gratitude for you I give each night,
I thank God for the blessings of a friend,
One that kept my world turned up right.

Tomorrow is not as dark as yesterday,
Today I see hope in place of despair,
Comfort I found in a cherished friend,
That gives compassion and devout prayer.

Gayle Davis©
08 July 2006


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