~ An Hour With You~


America Remembers

September 11-2001-A day we will remember,
We haven't forgotten '41-the seventh of December.
You use your religion as a terrorist tool,
To do an unspeakable thing-
You total ignorant, insane fool-
You've enraged Almighty God, our King.

The sixth commandment you have broken,
And thousands of hearts as well
With lack of compassion-and by this token
You've committed yourself to Hell.

You've broken down the mighty doors
That stored the grapes of wrath,
And angered God in His Glory--
Now nothing will stand in his path.

You've indeed awakened a giant,
Yourself alone to blame--
This unspeakable act of terror
Was done solely in your name.

America is a melting pot-
A multitude of nations--
She opens wide her arms
Regardless of stations.

Your own down trodden people
She welcomed to her shores,
Now they too are American-
You total up the score.

Well-have you at long last done the math?
You've hurt our people, you've crossed our path-
You insane fool-you named this tune--
Our screaming Eagle will sing to you soon.

Betty C Daniels



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