~ An Hour With You~

Almost Done

This once untamed land, my Ancestral Home.
The plains in which, wild buffalo had roamed.
Once plentiful offerings, for our taking.
Are before us dying, and us forsaking.

The sparkling waters, now flow with stench.
No longer safe, for our thirst to quench.
Narrowed Canyon streams, no longer run.
They have dried up, under Grand-Father Sun.

Voice of the Eagle, no longer I hear.
Gone forever, I do fear.
Brother Wolf, vastly disappearing.
Because of man, so domineering.

Many trees, no longer stand.
One day barren, will be this land.
Games of War, the innocent die.
Acid rains fall, from Father Sky.

Truth and trust, now are gone.
What happened to, right and wrong.
Chemical foods, we eat our fill.
Our own bodies, we do kill.

Pollution floats, in the atmosphere.
Global warming, will be here.
Many things now, part of the past.
How much longer, the days of now will last?

The Time of End, has now begun.
No place to hide, no place to run.
Once of Earth Mother, again I will become.
For my journey here,
Almost Done.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
August ~ 15 ~ 2006©


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Graphic courtesy of:
Winter's & Old's Native American Tubes

"The earth and myself are of one mind."
~Chief Seattle, Nez Perce

Music: "Who Is At My Window Weeping"
The Great Canadian Tunebook
"Midi files sequenced by Barry Taylor."
Copyright By Barry Taylor
Used With Permission

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