~ An Hour With You~



I know You my Lord-
We met eons ago -
When I was very young and You then-
Venerable and old.

I met You, my Lord-
Beside Your eternal sea,
In the majesty of Your mountains,
And in the shade of an oak tree.

I've seen You, my Lord-
In the innocent eyes of a child-
In the magic of Spring-in glorious Autumn-
And in winter, cleansing and wild.

I've talked to You, my Lord-
'Mid the trials of every day;
Times when my heart was aching,
And You helped the pain go away.

I've felt Your love, my Lord;
Thru' a loving family-
And by delivering my soul
From a dark and troubled sea.

I know Your power Lord-
Thru' howling hurricane winds-
Thru' roaring raging rivers
And where the quaking earth begins.

When You open Your book,
Almighty, temper judgment to foolish mortals-
That those who repent transgression,
May pass thru' Your Heavenly Portals-
Amen, Amen.

Betty C. Danielsİ--1/15/95

During the 500 year flood of '93-'95,
When I stood on my front porch-
and watched the Missouri River meet
and engulf a tributary---I prayed--

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Music: "The Heavens Are Telling The Glory Of God
(from The Creation by Haydn)
Lassen Technologies
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