~An Hour With You~

Today I swam with dolphins,
In an ocean of blue.
I saw the Eiffel Tower,
When over Paris I flew.

I had tea with the Queen,
Who I must say was so polite.
I was a damsel in distress,
Who was rescued by a Knight.

It was so cold in Aspen,
When I went there to ski.
I stowed away on a cargo ship,
And sailed on the turquoise sea.

I saw giraffes in Africa,
Who were standing near a tree.
And it was so amazing,
To see them wild and free.

Dressed up in tails on Broadway,
Upon a stage I danced.
The audience how they loved me,
And in me they were so entranced.

I saw Pegasus as he flew,
And a Unicorn as well.
Such an enchanted land,
The place in which they dwell.

In Australia I saw kangaroos,
Playfully jumping around.
How funny and so cute they looked,
As they hopped up and down.

I rode upon a camel's back,
Across the Desert sand.
And I walked the hallways of a mansion,
So impressive and so grand.

I soared on the wings of an eagle,
And swung upon a star.
I walked across the moon,
And I caught moonbeams in a jar.

Leisurely as I rest,
My thoughts wander and take flight.
With me being swept away within,
Afternoon Delight.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
August ~10 ~ 2006©

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Music: "I Can Love You Like That"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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