~ An Hour With You~

Jesus will you walk with me today?
I feel, I need to talk to my best friend.
He whispers, Child, I will never leave you,
I'll walk with you until the end.

Jesus holds me in His loving arms,
Gives me faith to press into the crowd
Jesus' love helps me feel so strong,
Nothing to fear for with Jesus I belong.

When Jesus walks by oh what a difference,
Our hearts and souls He uplifts,
He is our walk, our peace and life,
In the darkest hour, He is my Light.

Jesus looks down from His throne,
Come on my children, Let's take a walk.
Follow me, I have so much to offer,
So we walk together and share a lovely talk.

Nothing to fear while taking Jesus along,
He will deliver give strength for the day,
We serve a healing, caring, and gentle friend,
Who will journey with us until the end!

Friend touching Jesus is all that matters,
Follow Him, you will never be the same.
Staying in touch with Jesus lifts the load.
He bore my guilt and took my shame.

Won't you reach out and touch Him,
While He is passing by your way,
He only wants what's best for you:
Walk with Him, He'll carry you through.

2005 Bernice Ward

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Song Title: Above All
Free Midis
Words and music by:
Paul Baloche and Lenny LeBlanc
Musician: Janis Wilson
Arrangement: Janis Wilson