~ An Hour With You~


 If you give a soft answer turning,
Your back to wrath, you will not sin,
For by God’s wisdom you’re in control,
And your spirit triumphs within.

The tongue boasts even though it's little,
To vaunt big things to set aflame,
And defile the whole body’s cycle,
And to kindle good nature’s name.

If a soft answer turns away wrath,
Receive not grievous words’ torment,
For your very heart will billow forth,
Such anger is meant to foment.

The tongue’s a fire of iniquity,
Arising from the dark pit named.
It’s like a venom to the body,
And too unruly to be tamed,

A soft answer is wise and a gift,
For it comes from the Lord in love,
His wisdom's kind and gentle and pure,
Self-seeking is not from Above.

Anger rests in the bosom of fools,
So it's better to just be still,
And let all harsh words spoken return,
To the one so out of God's Will.

A soft answer in kindness will do,
And too praise the Lord for His love,
To keep your heart from a sin that hurts,
For the Lord hears it all Above.

©Sondra McPherson
08 July 2006

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Music: "Praise The Lord" (Imperials)

Sequence By: Michael L. Mideiros
Used By Permission From

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