~ An Hour With You~

A Mother's Heart

A mother's heart sees all,
kissing your wound each time you fall
encouraging and loving words she applies
"it'll all be well by the time you get married",
making each burden seem so small.

A mother's heart ministers healing
she'll take each new task in stride
"If Momma could hurt for you I would"
no matter how chilled with fever I may be,
her loving words make me feel warm inside.

A mother's heart knows the pain of separation.
Though she cried inside, she gave us wings to fly
for a mother's heart knows when she sets you free,
one day like a butterfly that love will come back
for in love, it's only see ya later, never goodbye.

Now the child you once held, holds a child of her own
Mother's heart now becomes a beautiful friend.
will I be a good mother? I'm afraid, but never alone
for Mother is near encouraging me with words of wisdom
she'll stay right by my side until the very end.

A mother's heart is now akin to suffering
a daughter's heart wishes she could take the pain away
she feels so helpless, all she knows to do is to pray
a daughter's heart knows the love her mom wishes to convey
in her heart these precious memories will forever stay.

©TinasHeart 08/01/06

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Music: "The Wind Beneath My Wings"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission