~ An Hour With You~

Once I had a dream of you,
it was like an answer to my prayers.
How often for the impossible I wished,
could it really be you standing there.

So vivid was this picture,
as if I could reach out and touch you.
I saw incomprehensible sadness within your eyes,
and yet a father's devoted love so true.

You held your hand out to me,
you smiled and within your eye a tear.
Audaciously I reached out and took your hand,
for I felt no fear.

"Oh Daddy how much I've missed you"
and I broke down and cried.
You embraced me within your loving arms,
and a comforting warmth I felt inside.

It was like you never left me,
as you looked at me and smiled.
I could feel the love for me you had,
as you whispered "I missed you my sweet child".

You told me that you loved me,
I said "I love you too"
And that you never wanted to leave me,
I assured you that I knew.

We talked about pulling taffy,
laughing about the fun we always had.
The horse rides upon your back,
and me saying "Giddy up.. go Dad".

And how you would always spoil me,
for I was Daddy's little girl.
Dressed like a doll with bows all around,
and in my hair, always a curl.

I said "Please don't ever leave me again"
then from my dream I awakened and you were gone.
I tried to blink back the tears that welled,
trying so hard to be strong.

I whispered into the air "I love you Daddy"
for I knew you could hear me.
Someday together forevermore,
we will always be.

It was so very long ago,
I was ten when I lost you.
My whole world crumbled around me,
and there was nothing I could do.

I will always remember you,
now in Heaven you rest above.
I shall treasure the happy memories,
A Father's Love.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey
June 13, 2006©

Happy Father's Day Dad
You Shall And Always Will
Remain Forever In My Heart.
With Love
Your Little Girl

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Music: "Unanswered Prayer"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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