~ An Hour With You~


Once upon a time there came beauty,
Graceful and dignified to view,
For love reigned in flair limitless times,
But on just a special few.

A carousel horse of elegance,
As beautiful as his fame,
Standing stately, noble, imposing,
Love in all hearts as they came.

For there were heavenly glows flowing,
'Bout him reaching all true love,
And two meant to be would only see,
Love's elegance from above.

And they felt like a prince and princess,
Wonderlands of song and dance,
And surrounding were bright stars and lights,
With all pomp and circumstance.

A carousel horse stood perfectly,
High and proud glancing around,
And when he saw two coming close by,
Love's music began to sound.

For the music of the carousel,
Would draw those who sensed a joy,
To come close till the magic of love,
Bloomed amidst a girl and boy.

Forever more there was happiness,
Yet a few always returned,
To the carousel's beauty alone,
For their hearts still wished and yearned.

Once upon a time there was beauty,
Elegant, dazzling and fine,
A carousel horse bringing down love,
To live in hearts, yours and mine.

©Sondra McPherson
24 July 2006


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Music: Once Upon A Time

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Permission Granted

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