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  Gritted Bread

Back in the “good old days” everybody grew his or her own corn. In the fall of the year when the corn was hard and dry they would gather all of the corn from the fields and have a big party called a “corn shucking”. The corn was then stored in a corncrib to be used as feed for both man and beast. Every community had a corn mill where people would take their corn and have it ground into meal. Around August of the following summer they would start to run out of the previous year’s corn. Instead of having biscuits with every meal they looked for a way to make cornbread out of the fresh corn in the garden and this is how this recipe was born.

10 to 12 ears of corn (the harder the better)
1 cup of plain flour
2 teaspoons of baking powder
1/2 teaspoon of salt
4 tablespoons of bacon grease
2 eggs

Grate the corn off of the cob using a cheese grater or cut off the corn as if making cream style corn and run it through a blender.
Mix all of the ingredients together with the corn.
Put the bacon grease in a large iron skillet and heat until it is very hot.
Pour the batter into the hot skillet and bake at 400 degrees until golden brown.

The bread will be crispy on the outside and sticky on the inside.

Serve with butter while hot.

This is said to be the best of the corn breads.



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