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then the eating and that I enjoy the best.

Chicken Marengo

4 Servings

1 whole frying chicken, cut-into pieces
4 cloves garlic, crushed
2 T olive oil
1/2 sm onion, thinly sliced
1/4 t thyme, Dried
or 1/2 tsp. fresh thyme
1 t salt
1/8 t black pepper
1/2 c dry white wine
1 c Italian plum tomatoes
-peeled, core, chopped
1 T tomato paste
1/2 sm onion, thinly sliced
1 T butter
1/2 lb mushrooms, sliced
3/4 c black olives, pitted
1/2 lemon, juiced

Sauté onions and crushed garlic cloves in a kettle or deep iron skillet in olive oil until lightly browned; remove and brown chicken pieces well on all sides.
Mix together tomato paste and chopped tomatoes, stir in wine, browned onions and garlic, and seasonings (except parsley).
Top chicken pieces with liquids mixture.
Cover tightly and simmer for 45 minutes.
As the chicken is simmering, in a separate skillet sauté the remaining onions and mushrooms in butter until golden.
Add olives and lemon juice to the mixture.
Add this to the top of the chicken in the kettle, cover and cook another 15 - 20 minutes.
Sprinkle with parsley and serve.

Or, even better, prepare this a day ahead and the flavors will be further enhanced.




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