~ An Hour With You~

You Raise Me Up

When I am so sad and so lonely
Feeling forlorn and all alone
I sit here wondering if someone loves me
For I feel so lonely, lost and alone

So I sit here and ponder my feelings
Realizing you are always at my side
I know you will always raise me up
From the valley of sorrow and pain

I know you would never ever leave me
For you promised you’d raise me up
To the mountain tops way up high
If I would always love you, be by your side

Please raise me up from this valley
Where I have learned to be humble and love
But Father, Thank you for the valley so low
For that is where I learn compassion and love

©Donna Kramer
March 24, 2006


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Music: You Raise Me Up

Sequenced by: Jack Hall
Permission Granted