~ An Hour With You~

I'm standing here before you,
With arms opened wide,
Just longing for your affection,
These feelings, I can no longer hide.

You turn your back towards me,
And simply walk away,
Left standing here alone again,
I turn the other way.

Tears flowing from my eyes,
Not knowing what else to do.
Something just isn't right here,
How much more, must we go through?

I Wonder,
What's happened to the magic,
That we both once shared?
Has your love for me slipped away,
Or am I just being scared?

Not a word is spoken,
As you pass me in the hall.
My heart is broken,
And to my knees, I do fall.

This silence.
It's tearing us apart.
This silence.
Is just a wedge between our hearts.

How much more, must this go on,
Wondering what else to do.
Maybe, it's time to simply give up,
And except the fact we're through.

Carol Facer©
January 17th, 2006©


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Art used with permission of
Alan Ayers

Music: "Still Loving You"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright © by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.


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