~ An Hour With You~


Itís not by chance you take the heat
Or face some stormy weather
But in Godís Grace youíll find retreat
As all things work together

The words you share or how you care
Can really make a difference
When Faith takes hold of young or old
Thereís wonderful deliverance

So what you say or how you pray
Can have eternal value
Speak Love and Hope and Peace today
Let nothing stop or quell you

Let Joy be heard in every word
Let Courage fill the air
Then folks will know from head to toe
Godís working everywhere

Choose wisely how you think and speak
Let God control your mind
Heíll take you to the mountain peak
Your doubts are left behind

Trust God in all you say and do
Think His thoughts after Him
For God is never through with you
When youíre out on a limb

So speak the Truth of God today
In Power, Strength and Might
For when the Savior works the clay
He always gets it right !!!

© Jim Lake

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Music: "His Name Is Wonderful"

Performed By Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission
Please Go and Buy her Music