~ An Hour With You~

Why Must I Feel Defeated

Tonight I sit here all alone,
My tears I canít control,
My sobbing just wonít go away,
Itís tearing at my soul.

I need answers from you Lord,
Why my heart is torn in two,
Why am I sitting in the dark,
As I try to reach for You?

I thought the worst was over,
And finally Iíd have some peace,
But the storm is getting stronger,
When will it ever cease?

Please Lord, help me through this,
Donít let my heart go cold and hard,
I have been down that road before,
And it left me in bondage and scarred.

Dear Lord Jesus, you know my heart,
Please help; Lord I pray.
Donít let this heartache linger Lord,
Please take it now today.

I give you praise and glory Lord,
For this thing I must go through,
But can you ease my sorrow Lord,
If it be Thy will.

Ann Hart©
Dec. 18th, 2005


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Flower used is a tube courtesy of PixelsByJudy
Thanks to Dynamic Drive for the script
Image used by Edward Coley Burne-Jones 
1833 - 1898

Music: "Where Could I Go"
Sequenced by: David Larch
Used With Permission


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