~ An Hour With You~


I'm trying to research something
I want to understand ..... Why
I feel I won't find the answer
As I ponder, with a heavy sigh

Why ....Donít we listen Lord
And seem to harden our heart
Turning from your "Holy Word"
And messages...You impart

Why ....Do we do things our way
Then suffer the consequences
Will we ever understand your plan
And one day come to our senses

It is written "You" are the way
And in this...you direct our life
If we do what you have taught
We could avoid, so much strife

I have taken notice .... Lord
When things are going well
some donít consider the blessings
Or you...from whence they fell

The love you show is amazing
It fills me with great awe....
Always waiting at your door
To answer our beckoning call

Why... Donít we listen Lord
And seek you out, everyday
You welcome all with open arms
Never turning anyone away.

© Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright 2006


















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Music: "Dreams"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
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