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Where Have They Laid Him

That early morn, the earth did quake
The keepers began to tremble and shake
As the angel descended that day
And rolled the stone away
From the tomb where Jesus' body lay.

Oh, where have they laid Him
They have taken my Lord away
Mary Magdalene sorrowfully cried
As she viewed the empty tomb
I know my Lord has been crucified
Where have they taken my precious Lord?

Fear not, weeping Mary
Spoke the angel as he sat upon the stone
With his countenance like lightning
And raiment white as snow
Jesus that was dead now has risen,
Behold, go and let the deciples know.

He is alive, He is alive!
Our resurrected King
Jesus must return to the Father
And in heaven reign
He has left us His holy comforter
And one day He will return again.

Twas love that held Jesus to the cross
He came and died for all that is lost
He came and died for you and me
In humility He hung on that rugged tree.

He's worth all our troubles and sorrow
He's worth all our heartache and pain
To live with Him in heaven
And to love Jesus is all gain.

Never a tear will He not wipe away
Never a broken heart will He not mend
Never a lonely heart will He not comfort
For Jesus is our dearest friend
He has promised to be with us till the end.

May we count it all blessed
As we are persecuted along our way
May we reach out in His love
For this is how Jesus would array
How else could we ever try to repay
The one that gave His life for us that day.

Oh, what an unmerited gift of love
That we may reign in heaven above
With the Father and the Son
In God's everlasting holy realm
In everlasting love and joy with Him.

Danna Robinette©

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Artist....Greg Olsen

Music: "Oh The Price He Paid for me"

Copyright © 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission