~ An Hour With You~


When I Close My Eyes

Closing my eyes I see only you,
I'm holding on to memories,
reliving times old and new,
of how we became to be,

Remembering all the words you said,
are like flashes in my mind,
like little pictures in my head,
when I close my eyes I find,

words a woman longs to hear,
that makes her beauty deep,
then your touches seem near,
and those memories I long to keep,

making me feel like I've never felt before,
wanted, needed in your arms,
in my heart I long for more,
of your passion and charms,

Closing my eyes I picture you,
remembering all that you have said,
in my mind going through and through,
forgetting them, is what I dread,

how simple words of ecstasy,
could make me feel beautifully whole,
in my mind it's not a fantasy,
it's embedded in my soul.

Christina U. Lowman©


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