~ An Hour With You~


What I Need From You

If you would ask me what I want,
Hereís what I would say,
I will not ask anything of you,
Only be my friend today.

I do not ask for your money,
Or gifts of any kind,
All I asked is for you to love me,
And a friendship overtime.

I would ask you to accept me,
For what you see in me,
For I have nothing fancy to offer,
Thatís the way that it must be.

I need for you to hold me tight,
And be there when I cry,
I need for you to say its fine,
And find no excuse to lie.

All I need is your friendship,
And the kindness from your heart,
And for you to say, I love you,
And mean it from the start.

And I will in return love you,
And promise to the very end,
That you will have someone always,
To be your greatest friend.

Ann Hart©
Oct 19th 2004


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Artist Unknown
Love To Give Credit

Music: A Beautiful Friendship

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Granted